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The Naradigm Shift is dedicated to shifting the consciousness of society from one of lack to one of abundance. We are not alone in the universe and the universe is infinite.

I’m Gerry Gomez, Council Member of Prepare for Change. I have worked with global intelligence insiders, high-up financial systems people, members of secret societies, survivors of bloodline families, occultists, people reporting with off planet contacts, my own higher planes influences, and many people researching the same.

Now is the time to consider logical information that breaks from the mainstream narrative. I’ve been censored, deemed a domestic terrorist, been subject to threats, have had friends murdered, seen crazier stuff that would make mainstream “journalists” crap their pants.

Why this? Why now?

Reality is based on your perceptions. What we digest is what creates our world. For too long, we have let others dictate this for us. We are now at the time where many of us are done with the system that has failed us and corrupt leaders who work for themselves. This shift is going from a world that has been Service to Self to one that will be Service to Others.

You’re a gift. You’ll receive good things in return

We are not alone in the universe and the universe is infinite. It can provide infinite abundance. If you resonate with the previous statement, then you will be ready to consider the information presented in this blog.

We provide investigations into topics about ascension, manifestation, the cosmic community, energy, vibration, and review the history of control (to go forward, you have to understand how the past worked).

What you’ll get

Knowledge is power. It’s now the time to share this information broadly. You will get prepared for the coming disclosure, predictable collapse of the financial system, probable upheaval of government, and the tools to navigate your way through it all. Some information will be shocking but to break the chains that bind you, you must confront some hard truths.

We will also provide various ways to heal and progress into what will be a truly great restoration of humanity and the planet.

You can receive this all for the value that you decide to gift Naradigm Shift. The universe is always conspiring to provide what we need, so we’ll be creating a mutually beneficial relationship.

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We shift the narrative from lack to abundance.


I am a teacher of the foundations for the new society: consciousness, ascension, awakening, manifestation. Let's go!